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Jan 22, 2018 Lauren Sciences Founder, Chairman & CEO Susan Rosenbaum invited to chair track entitled “Drug Delivery Technologies to Watch II” and speak on “Lauren Sciences’ Novel V-Smart® Nanomedicines: Non-Invasive, Targeted Brain Delivery for CNS Diseases”
Jul 26, 2017Easier Way to Deliver Parkinson’s Medication - AABGU
Aug 8, 2015Campbell Foundation Funding: We See Results | Funding AIDS/HIV research | Fort Lauderdale| The Campbell Foundation
Jul 2, 2015 V-Smart® Technology Could Be the Answer to Brain Tumor Treatment - AABGU
May 5, 2015 The ALS Association I Progress in Drug Development Reviewed at The ALS Association Drug Company Working Group Meeting
May 7, 2014Nano Drug Delivery for Parkinson’s - AABGU
May 5, 2014Vesicles Can Cross Blood Brain Barrier to Treat Central Nervous System Disorders
Apr 11, 2012New Hope for Parkinson’s and Other Central Nervous System Disease Sufferers - AABGU
Apr 10, 2012Ben-Gurion U. licenses drug delivery platform for central nervous system diseases to NY biotech firm